Warrioress Mala

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Product Description

This Mala is made for the divine warrior woman in all of us. She is fierce, she is fearless and she is kind.

Hand made using delicate 4mm faceted pyrite and lava stone beads these stones possess the strength, courage and confidence harnessed by all the great heroines that have gone before us.

Pyrite is a protective stone and can be used to shield from negative influences or thinking. It is a stone of the solar plexus our power centre and can promote feelings of confidence and self worth.

Lava stone is a stone of the base chakra and possesses the powerful element of fire. It can aid us in increased motivation and is useful for facilitating a sense of groundedness and strength.

Technical Details


Black, Gold


Lava, Pyrite


Base, Solar Plexus


Confidence, Courage, Grounding, Motivation, Strength


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