Gaia mala
Gaia mala

Gaia Mala

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Product Description

Gaia is the Greek Goddess of the Earth also known as the Divine Mother. Gaia does not only represent the literal, physical planet earth, she also represents the forces of nature and the intelligences that function on every level of the cosmos. She is the air we breathe. The earth we walk on and the love we feel in our hearts. Gaia represents the forces that give rise to all life, therefore everything that is alive comes from her.

The Gaia Mala is hand knotted with unakite, white howlite, sacred rudraksha seeds, four hand tooled sterling silver beads, our signature SOS charm and using an earthy olive thread. Unakite is a grounding stone and will help connect you to mother earth. It boosts the reproductive system for is great for fertility and will assist with healthy pregnancies, nourishing the growth of the infant within its mother’s womb. Howlite is known for it’s strong associations with self-awareness, creativity and improving ones emotional attitudes.

Gaia Mala will also aid in dispelling anger and selfishness and allows one to look inside for answers, assisting communication and creating a calm demeanour. Howlite will also support meditation and clear the throat chakra.


Technical Details

Weight100 g
Dimensions1 x 1 x 1 cm

Green, White


Unakite, when-storing-your-mala-hang-it-to-ensure-the-tassel-keeps-shape-the-tassel-may-be-washed-in-warm-soapy-water-and-drip-dried-in-the-shade-do-not-swim-or-bathe-with-the-mala-to-ensure-the-thread-reta, White Howlite


Crown, Heart, Solar Plexus


Calming, Creativity, Fertility, Grounding, Love, Peace, Protection, Rebalance