Faith Mala

Faith Mala

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Product Description

Faith is power, it is the power to stand up to the chaos of the physical world while holding the belief that nothing external has any influence over what the universe has in mind for us. This kind of power is the most desirable strength that any human being can achieve in this life. Faith is the wisdom of being able to live in the present moment and the ability to believe without a doubt that the most comforting option is to surrender and have faith that you are looked after and that something much greater than us is always working in our favour. To truly have faith we must remember that the greatest truth of all time is the belief that all things can change in an instant, no matter how great or small the challenge may be. This single belief is faith in its purest form.

The Faith Mala is hand knotted using Garnet and Amazonite, sacred rudraksha seeds, an Amazonite guru bead, hand tooled 925 silver beads, our signature SOS charm and magenta thread. The powerful combination of Amazonite and Garnet is known to help restore our faith and bring peace. These stones also possess the qualities of courage, truth, grace and compassion. Wear the Faith mala to embody that magnetic power that draws us to our hearts desire to manifest miracles and live in the present moment.

Technical Details

Weight100 g
Dimensions1 x 1 x 1 cm

Blue, Pink, Red


Amazonite, Garnet, when-storing-your-mala-hang-it-to-ensure-the-tassel-keeps-shape-the-tassel-may-be-washed-in-warm-soapy-water-and-drip-dried-in-the-shade-do-not-swim-or-bathe-with-the-mala-to-ensure-the-thread-reta


Base, Heart, Throat


Communication, Courage, Manifest, Rebalance, Truth