Story of Seven // Handmade Crystal Malas



What is a mala?
Mala beads hold a lot of mystery and they can come in a range of different colours and materials and they mean something slightly different to all who wear them. Mala beads are meditation garlands that have been worn for thousands of years in traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, yoga and meditation. Traditionally mala are made entirely from rudraksha seeds and have 108 beads with a larger 109th guru bead. Malas are used as a tool to help the mind focus on meditation, or count mantras in sets of 108 repetitions. Story of Seven Malas are made from semi precious gemstones each with a specific intention to support a mediation or yoga practice, to be placed in shrines as a devotional amulet or to wear everyday as there is something very powerful about wearing your intention.

What materials are the mala beads made from?
Our malas are made using genuine quality semi precious stones, otherwise known as crystals, sacred Rudraksha’s seeds, 925 silver beads, our signature silver SOS charm and hand knotted using colourful nylon threads. We use nylon thread due to its strength and durability, ensuring our malas will last a lifetime.

What is a Rudraksha Seed?
Rudraksha seeds are sacred seeds that are grown in Bali and India. Traditionally mala beads and prayer beads are made entirely using Rudraksha . In Hinduism Rudraksha seeds are known to be the tears of Shiva coming in a variety of different sizes. Shiva was said to have meditated on the welfare of mankind, crying tears of compassion, which crystallized upon hitting the earth to form the Rudraksha tree.

How do I choose Mala Beads?
Some questions to consider when choosing your mala are: What do I want to create in my life? What is currently holding me back from reaching my goals? What areas in body do I feel blocked? What am I afraid of? Ask yourself these questions and see if you are guided to an mala intention to best serve you in your current situation. All the stones we use in our mala beads have a unique and individual energy so ensure that this aligns with your intention and that you connect with stones on some level. Do the colours resonate with you? There is a lot of power in colour therapy so make sure you are choosing colours you are drawn to. There is a reason you will be attracted to a certain mala more than another and it is often the first one you were drawn to so listen to your intuition for it will lead you to the mala that will best support you. Still need help? Contact us and we will guide you further.

How is a mala worn?
Malas make lovely necklaces, and can also be looped multiple times around your wrist. The more you wear your mala or use it during meditation and yoga practices the more powerful and infused it will become the intended energy as they absorb and reflect back the vibrations of the practice and intention.

Do Story of Seven malas have 108 beads?
We have put our own spin on the traditional mala and we hand knot 108 semi precious stone beads into each mala also combining them with sacred rudraksha seeds and hand made sterling silver beads to create a sacred piece of jewellery each designed with the best of intentions and your well being in mind.

How should I care for my Malas?
Your mala is a sacred piece of jewellery and deserves to be treated with the utmost care so be sure to protect your mala and keep it in a special place. They are not meant to be worn during yoga practice or any vigorous activity so treat your malas with love and respect, as they are hand made and should be worn with care. Be careful not to drop your mala as they are made predominantly using semi precious stones that could chip or shatter if not treated with care. . Cleaning products, high levels of humidity, cosmetic products and chlorine can harm the finish of your jewellery and result in alterations of colour and are also acting against the energetic power of your stones. We recommend to always put your jewellery on last when getting dressed. The 925 sterling silver we use in our malas is a mixture of pure silver and another metal, usually copper this gives the silver strength. Silver jewellery naturally darkens over time so you may need to clean it occasionally. When not wearing your mala you should hang it to ensure the tassel keeps it shape and do not swim or bathe with your mala in order to preserve the colour of the thread.

How do I cleanse my mala?
Mala beads are powerful healers and transmute energy so they need be cleansed regularly. You can do so by placing them out in the sunlight, full moonlight, by smudging them with white sage or by sound vibration such as chanting or placing them inside a singing bowl.